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So like, if I were to pick an animal real or made up to represent me best, it would definitely be the kittencorn. Look! Cute! Grumpy! Stabby! It’s everything I am and could want to be, ha ha. I’ve had the purple one for a couple of years now, and meant to buy the entire rainbow originally. Except I waited too long, and could only get friend indigo and friend blue. But that’s fine! I’ve three now, and I loves them. Smalls also acquired a blue one, so now that one and my OG purple have a thing that they do together that’s cute and silly and a teeny bit rude. Which is to say, the perfect sum-up of our household. *grins* Smaller has also sent away for a cousin in the super adorable angry unicorn, so she gets to join in the silliness too.

Past that, can’t claim to have been in the most productive of ways today. I massively overdid it yesterday, and I consider it sheer luck that I didn’t end up crawling back in bed for a few hours. Tomorrow should be better for being a bit slower today, I reckon. It is what it is/will be what it’ll be, yanno?

Right, gonna go… something something. Stay frosty, etc.


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