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Smaller had her bestie around for a playdate earlier, which meant that friend’s parents were here as well. Playdate all around? Aww yiss. Our children have done a really badass job of befriending people with excellent parents, something that we appreciate in our ‘dotage’, ha ha. It was nice! Games were played, cake was eaten, and Z made it look like our house isn’t a constant disaster area. I helped a tiny bit, but he’s always the one on the ball with this stuff.

Past that, drilling out things-for-beads, and doing design science for the custom order request. That’s met with approval, so just waiting for her to pay up before I get it packed up and sent. I’m hoping that she’s as happy with it as I was after trying to find the best way to get it all put together. And whatever the case, I can be happy that it means I’ve stock that I can play with to make other things (which I have been doing, but am not listing publicly yet 😀). I’ve also been offered the loan of a dremel  by our company today so that I can drill more easily, which I might take up. 

Right, time is getting away, so I’m off.



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