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We got called around to see Z’s parents today because their freezer is on the blink, could we help them look for a new one. So Z sat with them at his laptop and they looked at a few options, before deciding to replace like-for-like. It’s still keeping some degree of cold, but Mum wanted to get some of her meat into the safety of our freezer. ‘Trick-or-meat!’ I declared as Z held a bag for her to load. He laughed, and commented that this was like the poshest trick-or-treat ever. I mean, I think we’re helping rescue some rib-eye, so he’s probably right. *chuckles*

I got me a load of beads in today… not the ones for the custom order though. These were the ones that I bought before that came in, ha ha. The first wave of ‘beads’ should be in this evening, though I admit surprise that it didn’t show up the same time as the set of cheap and cheerful ergo crochet hooks I picked up on a whim. I’m not sure that I like ergo with the weird-ass way I crochet, but it seemed like it was worth checking out at least. Mum was amused to see me crocheting, as it’s been awhile since I’ve done it around her. But heeeey, blankets go faster in crochet, and it’s blanket-making season.

Right, beads are here! Time to get mah drill on.


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