No Comments on Magic

I’d commented to Z that it would be cool to get some faerie lights to hang around my ‘window’ here in the lounge. So, of course, a set showed up a few days later to surprise me. Having said that, he’d been talking before that on doing something akin to the girls’ desks, so yanno, same page. And he did extra good too by buying a set that easily went from the USB charger box on my desk, to the far side of the study. We got it set up before the girls got home from school, and they were delighted to clock it.

I was also delighted earlier to have a tricky custom order request come through. I don’t want to tell too much about it at this point, but it took me some research and welly to find what I needed to meet the request. Of course, now I’m overthinking at it and looking at more options beyond what I’ve already bought… sigh brain, staaahp. *chuckles*

Right, gonna scoot.


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