It Begins

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And so, our purchasing cycle begins. Z ordered the new desks for the study, which arrived flatpacked this afternoon. The study isn’t cleared out and ready for them, but it’s the sort of impetuous which will hopefully get the girls to join him in clearing stuff out so they can go in place. Hopefully we can find someone interested in taking the desks that are leaving, since like… we don’t need them, please give them good homes, etc. We’ll probably put out an all call on the village FB page, ’cause that’s a good place to start.

We also sat down and walked through the specs for my laptop. I made a point to contact PC Specialist while we were discussing it to see if they had a timeline for the forthcoming Tiger Lake (Intel 11th gen), and GeForce 30x series in laptops. The answer was ‘not sure, but probably not until next year’. Which, fair enough, that’s what I was thinking it would be. I was happy to order the specs I could get rather than chasing the white whale of what is around the corner.

Past that, it’s Friday! The girls have had a successful week back at school, for whatever that’s worth. Smaller has a wee cold in addition to a wobbly tooth, but she’s being a superstar. Hopefully a weekend of rest will get her ready for next week. I am even less ready for it, ’cause heyyy cases are doubling here again. We’d not even flatted the curve from the ‘first’ wave; we are on the first wave still. At this point, the only thing I feel I can do is just hope that my friends and family are unscathed and safe to and through a working vaccine.

Right. Breathe in, breathe out. Etc. Have a good one, y’all.


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