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If there is one thing that I am oddly good at, it’s knitting when chatting. Like, it’s the perfect combination for eking functionality out of my ADHD brain, and I got to put it to use for longer than I expected today.

We’d gone over to Z’s parents’ house to discuss what I wanted out of a laptop, as well as some things that they’re buying as early Christmas presents for Z’s study renovation. We ended up staying longer than vaguely intended because holy eff, getting to actually socialise without the children around! I’d commented to Z when we were leaving that I think I don’t bother to come visit as much as I could for that reason. I get super frustrated when I don’t get to chat with my in-laws ’cause the girls are demanding all the attention. Which, don’t get me wrong, is well and good and expected, and I don’t begrudge them for the most part. But as my own socialisation has been sharply curtailed by recent times, I admittedly want a bigger cut of that pie.

So yeah, socialising and knitting was cool, even if part of that socialising was talking money. I’d said to Z before we headed over, and I’m sure he’s picked it up along the years, that I am really like… I don’t know. Don’t feel worthy/feel like I’m being unreasonably greedy, even if they were the ones offering? The end result is that they were happy to cover the cost of the laptop I wanted (a not cheap piece of kit), and like… apparently I’m getting an expensive-ass gaming chair too. I knew the plan was for the girls to get them for Christmas, and Z was gonna get himself one, but whups I guess we’re all getting something. I mean, shit, I am *not* complaining. I’ve kept an ear on what Z has been reading up on and like… back problems? Yes, we are made of them even with a good bed, let’s have better back love.

*yawns* Right, gonna go back to fighting with

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