Mom, Stop!

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Batman was hovering at my feet and shouting, and I knew he didn’t actually need anything, so I scooped him up to annoy him. I went for dancing him about, so Z snapped a couple of photos. I thought this was the best of that lot. And, in Batman’s favour? Even if he was noooot down with this, he didn’t try to claw me or anything. He tolerated it for a bit, and then pushed on my arm enough for me to understand that his dignity was so damaged that I must put him down. And I did, and his dignity was so damaged that he fell over trying to run off to show me what was what. Bless furbabies, ha ha.

Today has been a mixed day. I got a bit of work done, and then had to stop ’cause my monitor crashed. And, thankfully, science showed it was just my monitor. We’re pretty sure that it’s just the power pack, but that’ll be a few days, so I’m borrowing the tv from the study. It’s nice, I guess? It’s different from the monitor I normally use and I can tell, but it’ll be fine for the next couple of days. And in the interim, it encouraged me to do a more thorough vacuuming under my desk where my tower lives, so that’s something.

Right, I’mma scoot.


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