Sky High

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Today has been that sort of thing that is juuust on the edge of too warm. Like, I went out in it to run a parcel to the postbox, and that was nice enough. Then I got back inside and it felt really stifling (when it didn’t before I left the house). But eh. I’m beshorteded ’cause I’m not going anywhere else (I think), so yanno. Party, etc.

The sale today was pleasing, as all sales are. But this one was something I listed last night, so had been up less than 24 hours. I’d also nudged the price up a little bit to try and better recomp my costs, so it was nice to see that it wasn’t an immediate deterrent.  As it were, I also had to up my postage charge for the USians, ’cause the current situation there means it costs quite a bit more to ship there. I was already eating nearly half the postage cost, so jiggering it a bit means that I don’t lose quite so much of my rather meagre profits. Not that I’m trying to do more than continue paying for a hobby that i enjoy, but it’s nice to actually see money come in.

Right, got boring chores to do. *laughs*


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