Wafer Thin

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I’m not sure exactly what it is I do to my poor nails, but they are not inclined to grow out in any meaningful way. Even if I trick the OCD into letting me, they’re really thin and fragile. I take vitamins. I slather ’em in solar oil. I guess I am just a bit too slammy on the tips or something. I know I definitely do them a damage doing bead stuff, but I’ve not done any in a few weeks. I’ll figure it out some year. Until then, just trimmed all the growth because I didn’t feel like dealing with tearing another nail below the quick on my hair. ¬¬

Past that, work happened, and as you can see, sock progress is occurring at pace. While the last pair was satisfying for completing a nice pattern, there’s something to be said about doing something that takes no thought at all.

Um, what else. Butts, etc.


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