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Z commented to me earlier when going over his plans for dinner, ‘I hope you’re hungry.’ Turns out I was, ha ha. I ate allll of it and haven’t been slammed by ‘okay sleep now’, though I’m sure that’s not too far off. *yawns*

And as you can probably spot at the back of the picture — I’ve made some dead good progress on my sock. I’ve still got about 2 inches to go on the body before moving onto the heel and gusset, but I reckon that I will get through this pair faster than the last pair. Which was sort of the point of doing an easy pattern — just something to clear the brain box.

*yawns again* Mmm, there goes some of the sleepy — not that I’m complaining. We’ve not had steak in ages, not since before lockdown. I think it was my birthday? So yeah, well overdue for another round of it. Smaller said that she really liked it, is there any more (there wasn’t, obviously). Z said he’ll consider getting some again soon. We’ll see. As lovely as that was, as much as I love steak, I’m okay with it being a less occasional treat.

Right, back to sockery!


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