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When I was turning the a/c off last night, I hadn’t plugged the bottom before turning it on. The plug? Oh, so you can drain off the condensation the machine collected, ha ha. So I jarred it, and it started pouring into a bag of yarn that was right underneath it. Whups? Well done, ha ha. For all my brain processing it as ALL THE WATER going in last night, it must have been a fairly minor drip. There were two things that were slightly damp, and putting them by the a/c today means they were dried out pretty much right away. That, and from the fierce sun coming in the window.

Today has been… meh. Not bad, not amazing… good-ish? I was annoyed that my work speed mojo that I’d been honing is wrecked after that week of the server being too slow to properly work. I’m not going to beat myself up over how little got done; instead, I am just gonna try a bit harder tomorrow.

Right, gonna go zone out, get my game on, etc.


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