Re-engineered Rainbows

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One of the things that comes up with making stitch markers is Math™®. For instance, if I want markers for a specific sized needle, I have to think about the inner diameter of the ring, which can lead to some fussy e-shopping to find the right sort of thing. I’d let one listing lapse because my attempt to replenish it came up short. Then I remembered earlier that I was pretty sure I had jump rings that would work in a pinch, and well. I’ll hopefully have my listing for Double Rainbow back up later this evening. *jazz hands*

But yeah, on the whole, it’s been a good, sedately productive day. I’m working on stitch markers. I finished off a few more crochet hearts to replenish my stock; I now have six waiting Etsy orders. And, probably the biggest — laundry, woo. *laughs* I got all the clean outstanding upstairs and sorted, and most of it is put away now (my stuff, and the girls shoved theirs in their respective drawers. There’s no point folding, because they’ll just wad it up anyways *chuckles*). I’ve got a load in the washer, a load in the dryer, and that’s most of the clothing. There are towels that need to go through, and a handful of stuffed animals that have been patiently waiting their turn for *mumble mumble*.

Anyhoo, gonna enjoy a cold drink and get back to making these stitch markers. Stay safe, have a nice day, etc.


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