Mad Feet

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It is stiflingly, oppressively warm today. Even though the thermostat only puts it into high 70s, it feels very fierce. So of course, my dumb butt gets the brilliant idea to go out in it. ¬¬ Having said that, it meant I could fetch some ready meals for dinner, a new loaf of bread… and my main reason, a bottle of orange squash (cordial for y’all Yanks).

Now, we weren’t expecting to have to go the ready meal route… but I proposed the idea because I’m trying to think of ways to make there be less dish output. Our kitchen sink started leaking yesterday, and while the worst of it has been contained, until we can get our handyman out to fix it, we can’t really use it. So right now, Z is out back doing dishes al fresco in the dish bowl… hopefully L can make it tonight so he doesn’t have to strain his back doing it atop the patio table. :s

Right, gonna go bust open the squash and some ice and enjoy a cool drink. It’s starting to feel almost tolerable now, what with both of our ceiling fans on maximum blow and all that.


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