Hat Race

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I finished the hat I was working on last night as I expected, so I pulled out the final ball of wool in the bag. And it was a purple one that I had picked up with no particular plans in mind for, when I indeed developed a plan. Z had expressed a liking of the ones I made to donate, so I offered to do him one with the purple. He agreed, which no surprise; purple is our mutual favourite colour. I doubt that I will finish it tonight, but I’m challenging myself to try to. We’ll see!

Past that, I’ve just been poking along in Frostpunk, and not much else. I did call Z’s mum to see if she had some paint I wanted for a little project, but alas, no. Still, happy I punched executive dysfunction in the face and got prepared to be barraged by the million tiny steps that make up a single process. We’ve hit up Amazon, and I should have paint and brushes tomorrow. So yanno, woo, etc. It’s making something for the girls for Valentine’s Day, so yanno, bit of a time press growing. 🙂

Right, back to speed-ish knitting.


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