Not a Goblin

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Batman is… not really a lapcat. Sometimes he’ll want to cuddle for a few minutes before running off, and we had one of those rare spells earlier. So I took pictures, to which he made this gloriously offended face. He was actually enjoying himself, but yanno… face. *pats face in mind*

There’s not much going on for the mo. I need to photograph a set of markers. I also want to make some more markers now that I’ve got jumbo rings in, but I’m undecided what I want to do quite yet. I’ll figure something out. Worst comes to worst, I just work on hat #2 from the Hobbycraft wool. I finished one last night with a wee bit of wool left over, which was just about perfect. I look forward to getting a couple more added to the pile.

And also, dinner is about read, so. Nom nom, etc.


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