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Z took today off because he was helping at school this morning. So we thought about it, and decided we’d do a spot of child-free shopping, nab a bit of lunch, that sort of thing. He had a voucher for PC World, and I wanted to nab some bits from Hobbycraft, so that works out, as they’re in the same shopping centre. He ended up getting more Playstation credit, while I made off with more loot than that. I have some more yarn for the charity knits my group are doing. I have a really pretty little diary that I intend to use for knitting notes, and for notes/formulas relating to my Etsy shop.

I also have some tea trays to use for my shop stuff,  one of which is currently covered with acrylic shards. I had an Etsy sale today, and it cleared out my existing stock of one style of stitch marker. The original sets were made by picking beads with the biggest hole and praying that I could get a smooth fit; these are being drilled out with a hand drill to make an agreeable hole size. I only meant to do enough for a set, but apparently I’m doing all the remaining beads I have of this set, because why not.

We also picked up a little something for the girls — small paper maché boxes, shaped like hearts. Our intent is to paint and decorate them, and then put a few small sweets in them. I’m not completely sure at this point if I am going to do it on the sly, or if we’re going to get the girls to paint them on their own. I think the former is the plan, which matches with what I originally suggested, but yanno… brain static.

Anyhoos, time to herd children upstairs.


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