The Second

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I’ve gotten through the first skein of wool for the scarf, and it gave me about 22 inches of scarf. So if I do all five that I can find, it should give me nine feet and change. Me, I like a long scarf, and I’d like to go and make as long of one as I can stand to donate. I’m already kind of bored of it, but that’s also the whole ‘not chatting with someone’ factor. I made massive progress lat night ’cause E was around, but without that to focus me… well. I’ll try to buckle down on it. And next time I do a scarf, I *will* remember to slip the first stitch in each row so it doesn’t curl up. ><

We don’t have any weekend plans that I’m aware of. R and fam are coming over next weekend, which I am looking forward to. I know that Smaller’s friend and her parents want to  come hang out en masse at some point soon, but they tend towards busy. I look forward to that too, whenever it does happen. I’ve also suggested, boot space permitting, that we do a family trip to the shopping centre in Milton Keynes as a testing out of my wheelchair for a family outing. I’ve not put it to use yet, as I’ve not had any significant outings since acquiring it. I like the idea of actually yanno… going out and doing things as a group. Not that often; even with the chair, I expect any outing to be exhausting… but maybe it will be less enough so for it to be value added.

Right, gonna go try to talk myself into getting some knitting progress done.


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