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I can’t remember if I mentioned yesterday that I managed to find a way to use our cheap and cheerful tripod for my shop pictures. If I didn’t, well, I did, and here’s pictorial proof. Of course, my timing is terrible ’cause Z is dishing up dinner, but never mind. I can do a round of photos later.

I’ve mainly spent today feeling completely plague-ridden, and playing video games. I keep telling myself that it can’t get any worse, yanno, in the hopes that it doesn’t. It’ll be what it is, but at least it IS a cold rather than the flu. At least it’s a lesser form of the assorted crud making its way around the village. It doesn’t make it fun, but it gives me the tools to try and self-cheer in ways that nobody else is allowed to.

Right then, I’m off. Have a great night, y’all.


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