Rainbow Dash

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The jumper is growing nicely. I’m only halfway down the body from the arms at this point, but hopefully I can make a good amount of progress over the weekend. Hopefully.


As it were, I’ve been super plague-ridden today. My sleep way messed up last night, to the point where I almost crawled back in to sleep the day away. Z managed to get my blood flowing with a choice bit of village gossip. Okay, that was incidental; it was probably more that I stood up and was bouncing around a bit without realising it. Whatever. I’m just glad I’ve managed to stay upright, and to vaguely get some amount of work done.

I’ve also managed to jigger the tripod into something usable, and photographed an outstanding listing. Between the camera and the related editing software, things came out mainly good. I was still using the ‘intelligent’ shooting rather than tweaking everything by hand. I did a wee bit of tweaking, but yeah. Fun on the bun, etc.

Right, gonna go get that listing up, and think about what I can throw at my throat to make it feel a wee bit less crap.


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