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I was sitting here, minding my business, when my throat went all scritchy. And it’s not a short-term, oh I coughed funny scritch — it’s persistent and out of nowhere. Rude? So rude. My throat is thoroughly moistened and the scritch is still there, which really, tells me all that I need to know.

At least Littler should be back in school tomorrow, so I can tend to myself. Which will probably amount to finding a way to keep 10 sorts of busy so that I don’t think about it. I mean, I still will, ’cause my brain is a box of obsessing over the stupidest crap Sigh? Sigh.

But yes, Littler was pretty much completely mended today, and wanted to do things like build dens. Child naw, you’re resting today. Z helped her with one briefly when he got home from work, so she got some satisfaction. Z also called her reticence to return to school tomorrow. I think that she’ll change her tune once she’s actually at the school gates, but we’ll see.

Right, behind myself tonight, so off to get the girls tucked in.


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