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With Littler home sick, Batman’s neediness cranks up to 13. This was me playing with the new camera, whose viewscreen flips up so you can see yourself for photographing selfies. I won’t claim that it’s the most inspired bit of photography, but ah well. Practice makes perfect, etc.

Littler, as said, was home with me again today. She’s kept herself low-key and resting on the couch, but is a million times brighter than she was yesterday. I think that she’s going to be home with me again tomorrow, which, fine. I don’t want her going to school too soon, you know?

Work happened, knitting occurs, and I’m trying to get my head around how to make the camera do things I want it to do, like send pictures to my phone. The infrastructure is available on my phone, so hopefully it’ll cooperate now that I’ve made sure to get the relevant app on it. I’m not super fussed at this exact second, preferring to knit as my main non-game focus. That, and I’m having trouble with the computer-side program, in that it’s giving me some sort of stupid error that I can apparently blame on Sony. I’ll figure it out, sooner or later.

Anyways, back to things.


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