Steady On

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I had really shite focus on work things today, so I ended up making some progress on the jumper Smalls asked me to make her. I am enjoying the logistics of top down in the round; this is the first time I’ve worked a pattern as such. It’s a solid pattern; I might well have to make one for myself later. We’ll see how this first one goes, but I feel fairly confident about the logistics of it.

Beyond that… work. Self-care. Being happy that a headache came back down from the near-migraine threshold without me chucking anything at it. I’m not completely sure that I am allowed to take even paracetamol here in the run-up window to my procedure, so I’m trying to not. I’d rather be slightly over-cautious, yanno? I want this ablation done and dusted.

Right, I’m off. Have a good day/evening, y’all.


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