Me Again

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Hooboy, hi. Things have been a bit hectic here lately. Z’s dad took poorly yesterday and got carted off to hospital. He wasn’t super keen on staying overnight, but he’s feeling much better about it today. Which is good, since they moved him onto the ward for ??? how long. He’s alive though, in good spirits, and better for being able to use his mobile phone to keep on fairly constant contact with Mum. Which to be fair, is probably good for her sanity too.

It turns out that my sanity is less solid without another adult to be the shoulder for. I’ve been a wee bit snappish at the girls, but they’ve also been doing things like eating apples directly next to my ear. Z and his mum just showed up, so child volume goes back up while they talk about their days. Sigh? Sigh. Naw like, I’m glad they want to talk about it; it’s just hard because my own personal anxiety has come to roost and doesn’t want to shift.

Speaking of coming home to roost, neighbours are home with new childling. So that’s a relief; I was starting to get worried that something had gone wrong. I went over to drop off the blanket earlier, but I saw new mom was asleep on the couch. I gave the window a quick quiet tap, but she was out. I wasn’t about to wake her up; she’s going to need what rest she can get. So maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.

Right, gonna go now.


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