No Comments on Happens

I went upstairs to take a bath with the full intention to not wash my hair. And then the whole ‘well, while I’m here’ kicked in, and now my hair is all floofy. I was slightly annoyed that I washed it twice; I mistook the tail end of a shampoo bottle for the tail end of a conditioner bottle. My hair didn’t need the extra wash, but eh.

Work vaguely happened, and otherwise I’ve just sort of been browsing gemstone listings. I’m sorely tempted to buy some lab cultivated stones to play with, though I don’t know what I’d do with them either. I’m more likely to try and find a lot of random polished gemstones to turn into pendants or something. Most immediately, I’ll probably see about finding some more random large beads to play with.

What else, what else… ah. I had a dream last night from Mom (as in, bat’s mom) just letting me know that she loves us. I’ve been missing her a lot lately, so it was nice to have her show up. I still miss her, and maybe even more for that little touch, but I’m not complaining about it either.

Anyways, dinnertime.


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