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In my annoyance at villagers in my Minecraft village invading my house, I’ve started building a bunkhouse. I’ve even started a second sheep pen dedicated to cranking out yellow wool to make the beds. I haven’t decided how stacked I am going to make the house, but like… I’m all about having tonnes of villagers… just not in *my* house. Otherwise, I like the revamp!

I consider that I got any work done today a miracle, because the remote server was beyond slow. But I got through invoices, and generating statements for a few blocks, and even balancing one before I logged out for the day. Still, faster would be better because it’s extra taxing to keep my focus in the right lane when there’s literal minutes at a time that the slowness is eating.

Beyond that, it’s the Women’s World Cup match of matches tonight — the US of A vs England. I guess I’m happy either way, but I was slightly amused to note that I do have a preference for the Lionesses. I mean, I guess it makes sense. I identify as British more than American these days, seeing how this is where I live and experience things.

Anyways! I flee.


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