So Not Impressed

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I had a moment earlier where I noticed that I had a headache coming on. And I was oddly excited, because it felt like I could take care of it with paracetamol alone!

I was so wrong. Blargh. Now I have to decide if I want to risk a pissed off body to get some codeine in me (which is in a mix with more paracetamol), or just hope that it stops hurting so much.  I waffle ’cause it’s hitting me to migraine-y, I need to lay down and wait for the world to end . *checks* It’s been three hours since I took stuff… maybe I can risk it. :s

*risks it*

Beyond that, it’s been work, though with a random gap. I managed to bluescreen my remote desktop, which meant getting Z to flag up the tech guy to reboot it. Ass was like, oh maybe this afternoon… he doesn’t seem to process *ever* that everyone in our shop works remote to some degree, and I work almost exclusively via remote desktop. I was happy to let Z handle it, because I loathe the tech guy. And he managed to get the guy to get it done sooner rather than later, so it dovetailed in nicely with me taking a bath and having lunch. I got most of the year ends processed, and hopefully D in the office got the last one sorted out this afternoon.

*rubs eyes* Right. I’m off.


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