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I had £8 precisely in discretionary spending to spend — so of course, I was obligated to spend it on the nail polish offer that was that exact price. I don’t think that I own anything in gold, so this is gonna be sweet.

There was one problem though — my Paypal account was acting up. I was getting a weird error message, so I figured I’d change the password. Except that didn’t fix it. Thankfully, I have my secondary business account and could use that to get my polish ASAP, but that still left my main account in the lurch.

The tl;dr on that is, basically, something messed up. The slightly longer is that we had to call Paypal and get them to reset my password with a bigger hammer. It worked though and the problem is resolved, hence the whistling whew face (which I know, looks like duckface, but whatever *laughs*).

Past that, it’s been enjoying the pleasant weather and working — hopefully rinse, repeat that tomorrow.


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