Come at Me, Tiny Bros

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Smaller had the pleasant surprise of a play date, one that has been a good time for all parties involved (except the snail someone crushed on accident that I stepped in sock first… that fellow didn’t have a good time). The children were playing a game on the trampoline where they were bouncing people out of the circle in the middle, and I was told that laughing at someone else meant I had to take the circle. Suffices to say, I was winning until I let them win so I could actually get off the darn trampoline. There’s nothing quite as hilarious as having multiple small people trying to tackle you. *grins*

But yeah, it was a lovely visit! I was oddly anxious about it last night, even thought I like the mum in question, and the child gets on well with both of mine. I think it was just because I was so worn out by last night. E brought little j along to knitting, and I brought Smalls, and those two are like a nuclear reactor of energy together. Add in the fact I ended up at the kiddie table all night, and I was in physical pain from exhaustion by the time I got to bed. It was a wonderful night, don’t get me wrong, just taxing. Having a second round of social on top of that was always going to feel like a bigger taxing deal than it actually was when trying to mentally prep for it when wiped out.

Right, gonna grab my blanket and try to zone out for a bit.


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