Sunlit Lies

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The girls decided there was more outdoor time… hrmph. I dawdled indoors long enough that I was tipped off to the fact that they wanted coats, which meant I made sure to get hoodied up before going out. I’m still in my hoodie; I’ve not gotten around to switching it out for my robe. My hair was wet, so I wanted to make sure that was covered. It was okay when the sun was out, but definitely a touch bitter when it wasn’t.

Everyone had varying degrees of wet hair, really. I talked Smalls into having a bath this morning, and ended up having to run through one with Littler after she made a mess of herself. We both needed a bath really, but I was annoyed because I had to make that happen during working hours instead of after. It wasn’t the end of the world, and those in the office appreciate that I am hampered in my efforts by the kiddos hanging off of me.

Anyhoos, off to zone out.


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