Let There Be Ripples

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I give up on having a flat blanket — let there be ripples. As long as it’s not curling up from being too tight, it’ll work alright for the purpose intended. Now I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone and try to get at least one mini-skein a day added to it. That’ll keep it growing at a reasonable pace, and it will help make those mini-skeins vanish from elsewhere in the pile that is my desk.

Past that, it’s been work and Flavour of the Day gaming. I’ve stuck back into  Sims 4, only to find out that I can’t do what I want to do — I can’t do every single aspiration on a single Sim. All the mods that enabled a person to change career branches seem to be broken, and that is doing my head in. I’ll do what ones I can until I get bored and wander on to something else, I guess.


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