Where the Sidewalk Ends

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Today was a… charming… reminder that it’s still winter here, whatever the super warm February tried to claim. It was windy and wet and gross, and I wasn’t too charmed to be out in it. But I had my appointment with the nurse and it coincided nicely with picking Smalls up from her after-school club, so I got to potter around in it more than I would have liked. At least the bike shelter at the school is pretty deep, so I was able to shelter out of the wet (and Littler’s splash zone; she was having a great time puddle jumping).

Otherwise, it’s a rinse and repeat day. I’m tired and I hurt. Work happened, and in a mainly satisfactory way. Hopefully I can say the same of work tomorrow, and not the same of the State of the Meatsack. Whatever will be will be though, so. *shrugs*


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