A Flower

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Littler came home and gave me this flower she made. Cute, innit? I love how creative she is. Her teachers says that she’s forever drawing and painting, and her clothing often attests to that. She was apparently helping garden today, which I should probably pass on to her grandmother.

The big one came home with a permission slip for a science event at the upper school. I’m proud of this kid, y’all. She’s going from strength to strength every year she’s in school, and while I’m sure that the kids picked for this thing were names out of a hat (half~ the class is going), it’s still something that she’s excited to take part in.

Bragging about kids aside, my excitement of the last 24 hours? My printer is working again. We had to buy a genuine ink cartridge for the blue to make it work, but if that’s what it takes? That’s fine, it still saves tonnes of money getting a single in genuine when the rest work fine with cheaper ones.

Exciting, right? Aww yiss. *laughs*


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