No Comments on Dragging

Today has been… a day. Z stayed home from work to give him that little bit more space to heal up, so we got caught up on Star Trek Discovery. I’ve managed to get another two listings photographed and put up, so yanno… yay for that. I am almost through everything that isn’t part of the Not-warts collection so far, so any ‘excuses’ I might have on getting that done are slowly shrinking. *chuckles* I’m not really avoiding it, just… it’s been a bit since I’ve done a lot of listings at once, and I’ve gotten fussier about how I do them. Which means it takes more time and energy.

I’m still waiting for the impact of the current cold-having state combined with having done the thing on Saturday to slam into me. I mean, one could argue that I’ve made it two days since without being buried alive, but like… I know it could still happen, because bodies are funny things and mine is all sorts of shoddily wired. *chuckles*

Right, I’m off. La!


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