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Desk Discovery

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I got myself together and made a dent on tidying back here. Of course, this doesn’t show the displaced books and art supplies that are now in the middle of the lounge. ¬¬ But I will hopefully get Smalls to sit down with me here in a few minutes and pick through it. I’m really proud of myself for the… Read more »

The Finished Product

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Yup, all that suspense… and it’s a bunny. *grins* The main reason for dragging out telling what it was is because toys? I don’t do toys often. It takes me approximately a million years to get things attached to my satisfaction, and often requires me to do it two or three times before it’s ‘right’. But it’s done, and it’s… Read more »

Around in Circles

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I am on top of literally nothing today, ha ha. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like… it’s not that bad. It’s Saturday and it’s not like I *have* to do anything. I’m sewing up my ‘mystery’ project and am nearly done with that… and am done now, hee hee. Yeah, what can I say — focus isn’t really a… Read more »

Bits & Pieces

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I am currently knitting the final bit for this puzzle of a project. I’m pretty happy with how all the bits individually look, but we’ll see how they look once I join ’em up.  I don’t know that I’ll get to that tonight, but probably over the weekend. Maybe. *laughs*  I’ve done a fabulous job of doing nothing but play Two… Read more »


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Our near future rearrangement plans have to do with moving Smalls’ laptop into the study, and Littler’s laptop where Smalls’ laptop currently is (behind mine). The latter is currently buried in the pile of stuff behind me, in what was once reputedly a crafting desk for the girls. Let’s be honest, I’ve been rubbish about letting them use the space… Read more »

Break the Spine

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Today was the first day back to school, and because of how the school does the Reception year, I had to go pick Littler up at midday. It was sort of nice, insomuch that it’s been some time since I’ve had to do that. She was very chatty, and it was a pleasant walk back home. We get to do… Read more »

Baby Love

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It’s here! My love! Our new printer, that is. Z and I are both big fans of stationary and stationary-related goodies, so a new printer to replace the model that’s as old as our marriage was a Good Thing™®. Add in the fact that work agreed to pay for it since I mainly am going to be use it for… Read more »

Stop! Thief!

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The last couple of times I’ve gone to my in-law’s house, I’ve nicked a couple of oranges off of the table. I do this because I wanted some oranges to eat, and because my in-laws genuinely don’t care if I snaffle some of their fruit supplies. So Z, being a sensible sort, suggested that we actually buy some. Alas, I… Read more »

Not a Potion Bottle

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I’m not going to say what it is at this time, but it’s definitely not a potion bottle. Having said that, if I ever wanted to knit one, I think this would probably be a go-to pattern, ha ha. It was a little bit fiddly to get the neck to fold over, but I love the way it looks. This… Read more »

Little Knits

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Now that I’ve finished the shawlette, I’ve been doing a couple of small projects. I just finished one off (the variegated on top), and just cast off on a ‘one evening’ project. At least, that’s what it claims, but I know from past experience that it takes longer. Maybe if all I did was knit rather than knit while doing other… Read more »