Unexpected Tidying

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A friend messaged me earlier to talk about stitch markers, and she ended up buying some from my store (yay!). So I was fishing out the materials to replace them in the shop… and couldn’t find one of the components no matter how hard I tried. So I ended up cleaning up my desk fairly thoroughly… only to find them exactly where I had looked half a dozen times. Of course. But on the up side, the dust bunny population of Deskville has been drastically reduced.

Z and Smalls are getting their Fortnite on today. We weren’t sure they would be able to, because while we knew that Playstation was finally finding a way *cough* to make cross-platform happen, we didn’t know if it was live yet. It is. They played a few rounds as a team earlier today without killing each other, and I would not be surprised if she convinced him to do one in a minute, rather than going up to bed. It’s the weekend, so we can give a little leeway on that if she asks — depending on how soon she asks, ha ha. It’s about time for me to get their hair brushed and shoo them up to bed, so… I should probably get started on that with Littler at least.


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