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Because of the fever blister thing, I fished out my phone this morning to get a picture of it. This was the result — pure, unimpressed with morning moi. The lip is coming along though, slowly. At least it’s not quite as tender as it was yesterday.

I’ve mainly been zoning out gaming today. I’ve been nudging along a level of Caesar III, and I’ve just had my first Luxury Palaces spring up. I’ve -never- managed to get a palace nurtured into existing before, so it’s kind of exciting to me. It’s also a relief that they seem to drag the prosperity right up, which means I can probably get the rest of the population in situ without too many more problems… I think. It’s kind of exciting to think I might actually finally ‘win’ this game after so long.

I did make myself stop and make a set of markers to get into the store, of course — this time, for crochet. I’m trying to get a few more crochet markers in to balance against the knitting ones, but I’m also slowing down on making stock for the moment. I figure if I make and list -a- set most days, that’s good, and then spend other days pimping my Facebook page/contest/thing. I should probably do that tonight, as it’s been about 5 days since I last flogged folks with it. It’s hard balancing feeling like a pest, and promoting oneself, but at least I’m still doing it. 🙂

Right, it’s almost time for dinner, so I’m going to go knit a few stitches while I’mma waiting.


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