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To my amusement, every single picture I’ve tried to take of myself today makes it look like I’ve been slapped around by some sort of exhaustion bat. I mean, I always feel pretty crappy and exhausted, but like… mainly okay today? I’ve been sleeping really deeply the last couple of nights, and that has a positive knock-on affect.  My focus is a bit better, which translates to getting work done, which translates to me feeling less panicked. I’m still way behind where I would be most months, but as I’ve said a time too many — it’s okay, this is a busy month. I guess I have to keep reminding myself in this format to further help keeping panic at bay. 🙂

It’s knitting tonight. I’ve got an order of stitch markers to take with me for N; I ended up making a second style for her to pick from because I wanted to make sure she was completely happy. Part of the reason I’m opting to make so many different styles of markers is because people generally have preferences, and I figure I’m more likely to get custom and repeat custom if I cover those preferences. I should probably also ask friends in general, and people who follow my page what they would like to see. I mean, makes sense, right?

Right, dord.


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