Then There Were Four

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I didn’t expect to be settling up Littler’s laptop today. But then, I also didn’t expect to be disturbing her little plant pot. Poison was on the table and I was giving her some pets and brushing, and instead of moving the plant to safety, I just tried to move it to a higher spot on the desk… which didn’t work. I managed to get most of it retrieved and back into the pot, and tried to get the rest of it cleaned up as well. Since that required me to clear the desk area, I figured… might as well get that chore sorted to. So it’s there, it’s up, Littler has seen it and poked at it, and she is mostly content to have ‘her’ laptop (though she’s grumpy that it doesn’t already have Minecraft, on it, bless her).

It’s been a pretty busy day so far already. Small’s class had an assembly performance, so we were there to watch that. She did very well; her lines were delivered clearly, and loudly enough for us to hear it in the back row. She worked really hard to memorise her lines, and it paid off. Yeah okay, it was a grand total of three sentences once, but it was a lot compared to previous school shows, so I made sure to let her know that I was proud of her efforts from the day she brought the lines home to practice.

And then of course, there was work. But I also managed to get laundry going around the huge block executive dysfunction has been throwing up in that direction. My hoodie smelled a bit funny, so I scooped that up and a few towels that had made a cozy home on my ‘coat rack’. From there, it wasn’t too hard to trick my brain into getting a basket on the stairs, then up the stairs. Everything I could find got washed, with a bonus cycle for making sure that our often lived-in bathrobes got some love. So yeah, I know it’s one of those rolling chores that it would be easier if we stayed on top of that, but life itself has other ideas.

Tonight is knitting for the first time in ever, ha ha. It was confirmed that E is going to be able to make it this time, which is a bonus. If she hadn’t for some reason, I would’ve made myself go anyways because I haven’t gotten myself out of the house socially in some time at this point. Or like, outside at all. I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve left the house in the past month, which doesn’t bother me that much honestly. But I know that it’s good to get out and do things, and that I need everything in my arsenal to fend off the low-grade depression that keeps trying to jab me in the evening.

Right, I’m off. Have a good one!


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