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Tonight’s picture is just the bread knife that lives on the kitchen table, complete with a few crumbs. Z likes to order baguettes for his lunch, so it sees a fair amount of use. Speaking of Z, my current gaming jag is compliments of him in the form of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! I have to say that it is… Read more »

Sky Shmuck

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The tl;dr on last night’s weather (which I know you’ve all been waiting on tenterhooks for xD) was that there was snow, but it was super wet and didn’t stick to anything. This was my attempt to take a picture of what little there was, and I’m pleased with how this shot came out. Maybe one day I will actually… Read more »


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Because I let my hair air dry after washing, it has moments of floofdom — especially when I’m intentionally fluffing it up to get it properly dry before running a brush through it. I’ve never understood claims that brushing or combing while wet was the best option. Now, slightly damp perhaps, but fresh out of the wash? Nah. I know… Read more »


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One thing that I tend to do without thinking about it is use my desktop tower as a footrest. I’ve done it as long as I can remember, and it doesn’t do it any harm. AND — it leads to that hilarious moment when it’s not there where I try to put my feet up and nothing is there. But… Read more »


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This particular knitting stitch is known as the double seed stitch. It’s a pretty simple thing to do all told, but I definitely do better keeping a rigorous count of what row I’m on. And, to my joy, I’ve done alright enough with that to get to the next colour, which is always yay. I am on the whole feeling… Read more »

So Over It

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It’s that continued and trite ‘I’m so sick of being sick’, but man, so true. My body continues to find new permutations to work through, and I’m beyond bored of it. It’s all going in the right direction very slowly… very slowly. But eh, it’s the weekend, so it’s not like I have to do much. I’m currently playing Final Fantasy III… Read more »

In Rainbows

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When I was in the Air Force, I put aside my love of fun socks — because it was easier to just keep the bog standard ones that were acceptable for uniform. But after a few Christmasses here, I developed a healthy stockpile of fun, mainly stripy socks. I mainly keep the old ones around to keep my arms warm,… Read more »

Agua de Vida

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One of the things that I did for myself years ago which I am grateful for was train myself to like drinking water. On days like today when it feels like it’s going straight through me, it’s more than a little useful. I feel better for drinking it, but I’m not confident it’s going to be enough to make me… Read more »