The Best Use of Spoons

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I’m not completely sure what happened, but I surprised myself by finding the spoonage to make some soup from scratch. I’d been thinking sadly about how store bought doesn’t quite hit the mark, and before I knew it, I’d gone to the kitchen and started peeling potatoes. I’m hoping that I didn’t burn up all my extra spoonage making soup, but man… soup. SOUUUUUP. *waves hands*

But still, it’s encouraging that I felt well enough to do a thing. I can also be sidewise grateful that I can tell it wore me out, because it stops me from doing myself a serious damage for thinking that I’m ‘healthy’ for a day. That’s a common problem amongst my fellow spoonies — oh hey, I feel great, do the things! Which rebounds really badly, but like, when is one next going to be able to do a thing? At least, with no idea what sort of shape I am going to be in tomorrow, lunch is sorted by my efforts today, so yay for that.

In the news, there was a fire at Trump Tower this morning. It’s already been sorted and the damage was minimal, but the asshole in me cackled briefly at the news. One of my friends commented that they didn’t know that the dumpsters were on the roof, which made me laugh a bit harder.

Right, I’m off.


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