We Will Rebuild!

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While the wind wasn’t isn’t as bad right now as it was last week, I’ve wanted to do this meme since then, ha ha. I kept remembering to take pictures after it was too dark to, hence it coming today… ah well.

What it was today was chilly, starting from the aught. The water pressure to the boiler had dropped off overnight, so we’d missed a few hours of radiators running. Z fixed it right up and it’s been mainly cozy since (and even cozier now for having a hot dinner in my tum, yum yum).

Today has been Diablo-ing, AND I’ve done a bit of knitting as well.  I made myself do at least one full row yesterday, and I am aiming for the same today, if not better. I’m still trying to work my way up the Torment levels to complete the Slayer Seasonal deed… but apparently, jumping from Torment IV to Torment VII isn’t a good idea, no matter how easy the former had gotten. *chuckles* So I’m bumming around in Torment V trying to grind up more Paragon levels. I’ve got 143 of them, but that’s apparently not enough.

And, exciting, Z is almost done with his first full play-through of Diablo III as well! He’s been hearing how much fun I’ve been having in aftercore on my seasonal for days.  He’s on his normal for the moment so he can unlock things specifically for his non-Seasonals, which is totally a prudent first step. I on the other hand had one of most classes level 70 or near, so it’s sort of head slap, why haven’t I tried these goodies sooner.

Right, time to see children to bed, so I’m out.


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