Seeing Double

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The last couple of days, I have been feeling sort of annoyed and restless as far as my daily gaming was concerned. Today I popped on Diablo III, fully expecting to be bored of it in seconds. I’ve not gotten bored after a few hours, so yay. And, bonus, it reminded Z to nab it for the PS4 while the price was good for the grabbing. We had it on the PS3, but the version available for the PS4 is prettier, and includes his favourite class from our dating days — the Necromancer. We used to play Diablo II most nights during that period between us getting together and me being able to move, so it’s nice that we’re playing the same game at the same time (if not together).

I ended up staying in last night, which I think was the good choice. It was cold and gross out, and we woke up to a thick layer of frost on the street. Heck, our corner is still frosted over because it doesn’t get much sunlight, so I cannot even begin to imagine how nasty that is going to be tomorrow. I hope I don’t have to find out — bad enough I ‘had’ to go out today, ha ha. We did a little trip to the shopping interchange that had Hobbycrack and Currys to look at tech and crafting. We ended up with nothing for us, but two things for the girls from their requested detour into a toy shop.

For now, I am going to go back to gaming, and curling up warm.


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