It Tricked Me!

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The morning started out icy and bright, assuring me that the overnight sub-freezing temperatures promised occurred. I even fancied that it snowed a bit overnight, even though that absolutely wasn’t going to happen. But if I could use it to pry myself out of a nice warm bed to peek out the window and confirm this, then it was a worthwhile moment of fancy.

Of course, I managed to overdress yet again for going outside. I was a bit chilly inside bundled up, so I figured that adding an extra layer for the school run was going to be a good idea. I was melting when I got home, so yeah… no. Bright sun and all the layers meant I was scorching by the time I got to school, ha ha.

I got it right the second time I left the house… yes, second. I had to run a few things to the Post Office, and I wanted to wait until I could take Smallhausen with me. I didn’t need her there, but kids like having little moments like that to share with their parents. I’m not the best at making these moments happen, so I was pleased that it occurred to me.

Beyond the usual knitting and gaming, I had a moment of amusement this morning. My phone cheerfully notified me of a new text, a text reminding me of my booked appointment at the hospital next week. You know, the one I’ve not seen a letter for or been told about otherwise, ha ha. I mean, I *know* what it has to be for — another round of chuffectomy. Which is to say, after years of borderline pap smears and colposcopy, I’m finally in for a course of LEEP/LEETZ. I’m hoping it’s the same three ladies from last time because then hopefully they will remember I am chill, and quit trying to distract me in annoying, well meaning ways. Having said that, I don’t know that I am going to want to watch the video this time. I guess I can take one of my DSes and fiddle with that, or my phone, or whatever. I’m happy to leave them to it if they’re happy to not flap at me and risk making me actually anxious.

Oh yeah, and T-minus 11 days until Ultrasun and Ultramoon… not that I’m counting.



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