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There is a… for a lack of a better phrase… a toddler meme called ‘Johnny Johnny’. As I have a only just not a toddler, we all know it well. Instead of asking her if she was eating sugar or candy, I asked her if she was hugging her father. This was her approach to it before responding to me. Cute, innit. 🙂

I’ve done a fantastic job of not moving today, if I do say so myself. Z’s father came over to watch football, which was pleasant. It gives me the warm and fuzzies that we have local family that like to spend time with us. I feel a lot of gratitude for that, and for the friends that make up my extended family. For example, one of them made the ‘oh, family thing’ excuse to make sure they could come hang out with us later this month, which made me grin. Now, if only that pair in particular lived closer…

I’m sitting here mildly annoyed, trying to think up Christmas gifts for Z. In a way, we’re both easy — games are a good go-to, and for me, add books and knitting things to the pile. We already have half his birthday and Christmas monies allotted to free-spending on what he likes, leaving me with not that much to ‘worry’ about. Yet, I do worry slightly because I have a grand total of one thing in mind, and am scrambling to find more. I’m sure if I wanted to throw in the towel, he’d happily take the rest of those budgets and run with it over the year, but I want to at least make some token gestures! Still, I knew it would come at some point. We’ve been together almost 11 years now, and one tends to run out of things they want or need if they are fortunate enough to be a have instead of a have-not. It might just be that we’re entering the territory of tokenism and cards… but like, I guess I feel a little bit crap about it because I have a huge list of ‘buy me these things!’ in the form of books, and wool I desire (and games too, though not as many as him).

But eh, I won’t worry about that tonight. Tonight, I am going to zone out in games and knitting. I’ve started a new map on Minecraft to tinker with, which I might very well shove to the side for a Sims 3 legacy.


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