That Could Have Gone Better

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Since tomorrow is Bonfire Night, that means we’ve had fireworks going off for at least the past week. I figured with as many as are going off tonight that I’d be able to get a good picture to use for this post… as you can see, I was wrong. *laughs* Any time that I made it outside, no matter how quickly I ran, I’d get there just in time for the last one to be fading. That I got anything without having time to frame it ‘properly’ is a small miracle, ha ha. I guess I could have waited until tomorrow night to try to get a firework picture for a blog post, but oh well.

I have done a spectacular job of not moving today. That includes missing out on doing the one chore I meant to do, but oh well; waiting until Monday to hit up the Post Office isn’t going to spell the end of the world. I had forgotten that they closed early on a Saturday, so by the time I had my head in gear to go, they had already shut… whups.

Right, gonna go zone out on knitting and mini-gaming, ha ha.


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