The Last Night

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Tonight’s image comes from when I was puttering around with Littler and Z’s mom while Littler ‘rode’ her bike. I really like signage, to the point of having gotten caught stealing a sign from a store’s bathroom, and being told I wasn’t allowed to come back.


This is the last night on the current bed. I am excite. Z got the text this evening telling what time frame to expect the delivery tomorrow. The window is about as perfect as it can get — after the school run, but before the first afternoon pick-up. That will give us sufficient time to bag up the old mattress and run the vacuum around before they come to make the switch, so yay for that. I sort of wish that I could actually do naps just to be able to test it out right away, ha ha. I guess tomorrow night will be soon enough.

I finished weaving in all the ends on the tiny cardigan last night, and have half-assedly been knitting on my blanket. I found a pattern that I want to do for Z; it should help me use up some of my DK, and it’s not like it’s the only sweater that I am ever going to make for him. It’s even a pattern worked in the round, so sing hosannas, etc. Plus yanno, I’ve knitted for everyone else. I did him like… a hat? Definitely need to do him more.

Beyond that, the world has lots of terrible crap going on in it and while I have feelings and thoughts, they’re all sort of muddled under a thick layer of too fatigued to do anything about it. I wish we lived in a kinder world. I’ll continue doing my best to try and be kind as I can, ’cause we can’t have that world unless we’re willing to work for it.



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