It’s Nearly There

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Today has been a long day, and a bit of a self-inflicted one at that. I was still aching from how hard I was working over the weekend, and decided I should add to that by taking Littler around to play at her grandparent’s house after school. It’s not like they live that far away, but apparently my back was not pleased with the extra 0.1 miles. I know I know, that’s nothing, but keep in mind the whole me being crippled thing.

Still, it was a good call. Littler had a great time with her grandparents, and I had a pleasant chat with Z’s dad. He’s quite fond of me, and as long as he isn’t eating near me, I’m fairly fond of him as well. It was nice in general that he’s getting better at stepping back from work and actually spending time with us. Yes, he was upstairs doing a few bits of work, but he popped down to chat with me, and to watch Littler water plants and ride her bike around. I made my back crankier by walking around with Nanny as she pushed the bike, but oh well. It was worth it, and I was able to get a cheeky ride home from Z’s dad. He reminded me on the way back that he might be rubbish at offering rides (Mum asked on his behalf), but that I can ask anytime that I want one. I told him I try to not take advantage, but that I do appreciate it. And Z reported when he popped over after work that they were both well pleased with the visit, so I’ll have to try harder to make that happen. It might have been a bit hard getting us there, but I think Littler and I both considered it most worthwhile as well.

As you can probably tell from the picture, the cardigan is juuuust about done. I’m currently casting off the second button band, and then I have a million ends to sew in. I’m hoping that I can get most of that done tonight, because that would be awesome. Then I’d just have to maybe sew one of my made by labels in it; I’ve not decided whether or not to. But at least I can take comfort in knowing that barring something unforeseen tomorrow, I should have it done and ready to hand over on Wednesday.

Right, brain is shutting down.


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