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Whelp, I got past the initial ribbing, and then flubbed up the two rows after that. I picked it back, got my head into the game, and am now making good progress into the pattern. The tl;dr is ‘didn’t follow instructions properly’, but at least I figured it out before I got too far.

The heat continues to be murderous, though I was blessedly spared the worst of it. I woke up with my knees in screaming agony, so between that and the heat, I asked Z if he’d ask his parents to do the school run for me, as they have a car during the day and I don’t. They did, small child returned to me, and a small child who didn’t vomit from too much heat exposure, like she did on Monday. So I’d consider that a win.

I would also consider it a win if we get the promised maybe thunderstorms. I have hopes that a good downpour would bring the temp down for a bit with it, and that maybe we could all return upstairs for a night in our own beds. We ended up tucking the girls into our bed because they refused to settle down here, I ended up hogging the entire fold-out couch, and Z ended up taking a night on the brown couch (using the desk chair as a footrest for proper body extension). It wasn’t ideal, but if we are downstairs again, we should be able to manage between us on the couch from a starting position. We’ll see. It’s bedtime for the girls, so we’ll be herding them up momentarily to see what is going to work for them.

And me… really, I continue to be on the hunt for a good night’s sleep. The last two nights have been fairly restless, though I guess I was slightly amused that I woke up at one point because I was too cold, and ended up cocooning myself in the duvet Z put down as a base layer on the foldout bed’s mattress. But yeah, I still feel really pained physically and exhausted, and I fear that isn’t going to improve until it cools down a bit more. It’s *supposed* to be cooler tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Past that, I snarkily had my popcorn for the Queen’s Speech this morning, though I didn’t stick around for the Commons debate. I’ll get caught up on what’s going on tomrorow — if I can find a spoon or three to operate my brain with. *doinks brain tiredly*


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