Inside the Bag of Holding

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This is my magical messenger bag. I briefly switched to a ‘proper’ knitting bag for going to my knitting groups, but I gave it up and returned to said bag — because it holds everything and then some. I’ve not even loaded my tech into it, and yet there is still plenty of room. I’ve got my bowl + sock bits in situ under the mice, and yes, the mice are going with. I’m making good progress on the second one and I am tempted to keep working on it, risk of messing up while socialising or not.

Having said that, at least one of the usual suspects isn’t going to make it. E only just got in from a college course, so she’s going to stay home and rest. That’s probably a good idea, and what I figured would happen even if she was more optimistic about her chances of making it out. I’m waiting for Ja to let me know if she’s up to it, but if not, well… less people I have to buy a round for, ha ha. And really, we’ve got the play date set in stone for tomorrow, so that’ll be fun (confirmed: she’s staying home to rest as well. I approve of this self-care <3).

Actually, my/our social calendar for the next month is outta control by my standards. Besides the weekly knitting, there’s that play date. There’s our annual 4th of July BBQ with C and R. And our dear friend D is coming to visit for a weekend; the last time I saw her, Smallhausen was a fetus. She used to pop in fairly regularly when we first moved to our old place, and I’d certainly love to see some of that again. And of course, with Littler’s birthday in the next couple of days + a planned having the in-laws around for a meal… and the village fete… yeah, busy busy. Stars grant me the strength to muscle through, blah blah.

What else, what else… oh! It might seem inconsequential to some, but we convinced Smallhausen to try a bit of pineapple again last night. We were having gammon steaks, so otherwise I was going to eat pretty much the entire tin on my own. She is really resistant to trying new things, not out of stubbornness per se, but more that she likely joins myself and Z as being on the edge of the autistic/Aspergers spectrum. And I don’t mean that in a ‘everyone is a little autistic’ sort of way — I mean she has some pretty clear behaviours that could be either from that, or from undiagnosed ADHD. The problem with those two things (and bipolar as well) is that they are highly comorbid, so it could be one, it could be the other, or it could be both. That she was willing to try again when she previously didn’t like it, and changed her mind about it was really awesome.

Right, wrapping this up and fleeing.


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