Not Getting My Hopes Up, But…

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But it looks like the second sock might be a spot-on match to the first, colour-wise. I don’t know if this is going to carry true through the rest of it, but the start is looking promising. Still, even if it doesn’t, I’m not fussed. Part of the joy of making your own socks is how uniquely yours they are. That can include the lay of the colours being different, and often does for those of us hooked on gradient yarns.

There was apparently a brief thunderstorm this morning, to include house-shaking thunder. I apparently missed it and my alarm at the same time. When Z came to wake me up from sleeping in (whups!), I explained that I was having a dream that I was reading a book, and that I was almost to the end of the book in my dream. He chuckled. It was a good story, good enough that me-in-dream reading the book was able to easily project into the story and ‘live’ it, something me and my lack of visuals behind the eyelids can’t do. At least dreams hook me up, ha ha.

For now, continuing the chilling in the cool (deity bless our ceiling fans,) and looking forward to hanging out with my in-laws tomorrow. They took the girls for a little play today, and tomorrow we’re all going around for burgers and such. Swish, non? It’s nice to be so close that we can do these family sort of events on a whim, and even if I don’t see them as much on the whole (because you know, living down the road somehow makes that less likely? xD), at least we both try to do more organised things like that.

On to Dr. Who!


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